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We serve clients in Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood and surrounding Tennessee counties.

Schell & Oglesby, LLC is a law firm of established attorneys with diverse law experience who have formed a powerhouse practice to serve the residents of Tennessee in cases that require incisive analysis, versatile knowledge, and fast-thinking trial experience.

Our attorneys’ experience includes judgeships, professorial tenure, published cases, certified mediation skills, leadership in professional education, law seminar engagements, and trial attorney work for both plaintiffs and defendants.

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Tennessee law is a living landscape, full of evolving ideas and techniques.

Our Franklin law firm offers clients the strongest application of these ideas and techniques.

We are prepared to develop a strong case for you in any of our practice areas. Ask our law firm about how we have helped clients in Middle Tennessee in situations just like yours.

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Established Attorneys, Revitalized Practice

The attorneys at Schell & Oglesby, LLC have a solid history of practice that guides their law firm in Franklin, Tennessee, with strong analytical skills, creative legal solutions, and firm argumentation that makes the points a court needs to hear.

Schell & Oglesby, LLC is the partnership of established lawyers who wanted to revitalize their already successful careers by combining the strengths of each individual’s background.

The firm concentrates on leveraging the specific experience of each attorney in order to provide an analytical and argumentative powerhouse for clients.

The lawyers are dedicated to the Middle Tennessee area and all are active in local community groups.

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What to Know About Injuries in School

What to Know About Injuries in School

Injuries that occur at school can be troublesome for all parents and students, not just the parents of an injured child. Public school systems consider student and teacher safety as the primary security concern at school, but accidents do happen.

What to Know About Injuries in School

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