Tennessee Mediator Services


Mediation in Tennessee offers the opportunity to resolve legal issues with greater economy and efficiency than the traditional bench or jury trial.

We offer mediation services for matters of family law, commercial law, and personal injury.

Some mediations end up in court anyway, but we believe our mediation services can mitigate expenses, time and energy spent on your dispute.

Our dedication to objective fairness gives us a broad understanding of the elements of a dispute and the different ways in which one can resolve problems without going to trial.

Sometimes, trials are necessary—a case may require the benefit of a judge or jury’s absolute ruling, but when parties want to find another way, our mediation service provides a solid alternative.

Reasons to Mediate in Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood and surrounding Tennessee counties.

Judges make decisions in trials.  You make the decisions in mediation.

Our firm understands how to position a case to a judge or jury, because we litigate frequently and have been behind the bench.  We know whatever decision is made is likely to stick.

In mediation, Lee Davies makes sure the negotiations are fair and lawful, but you decide the outcomes.

Trials limit communication between parties.  Mediation encourages communication.

When we go to court for you, we protect you from the other party.  In certain instances, your case requires this protection—imagine if an abusive former spouse could continue to contact you directly—but, in other cases, you need open communication.

Mediation provides a forum for parties to discuss what real needs exist, so that you can find a resolution that is meaningful to you.

Trials are matters of public record.  Mediations are private.

Access to what happens in the courts is an important check on judicial power, but sometimes you need privacy to resolve a matter.  Mediation offers privacy.

Trials can get expensive.  Mediation can be more manageable.

Presenting evidence and spending time in court begins to add up financially.  Many times, it is entirely worth the expense, but if your budget does not allow for the full scope of what a trial involves, mediation can present an affordable alternative.

Is Mediation Right for You?

We work with attorneys in Tennessee to resolve clients’ disputes in commercial law, family law, and personal injury. We can also assist individuals who need the benefits of mediation without an attorney.

Call 1 615 550-2800 to learn more about mediation in Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood and surrounding Tennessee counties.