Tennessee Contract Law

Contract Review, Real Estate Contracts, and Commercial Litigation

Schell & Oglesby, LLC provides comprehensive contract law services to clients in Middle Tennessee, who require the attention of experienced lawyers.

We keep a keen eye on the future and we ask the right questions about the past, so that your contracts can act as the living documents you need them to be, protecting and furthering your interests and maintaining strong partnerships or transactional relations.

Tennessee Contract Law in Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood and surrounding Tennessee counties

We have written, reviewed, advised, negotiated, and litigated contracts for Tennessee residents who are preparing to undertake all sorts of new agreements:

  • New business partners
  • Changes to business structures
  • Partners dissolving businesses
  • Non-competition and confidentiality agreements
  • Home buyers
  • Home sellers

Contract Litigation in Tennessee

Schell Binkley & Davies, LLC has an impressive breadth of experience in the courtroom.  If you need help with contract litigation, our firm knows how to bring the evidence of intentions and occurrences that help a judge or jury hear your voice.

We litigate for maximum effect and know what the Middle Tennessee courts need to understand your side of the story.

Contact our offices to learn more about how our contract litigation services can help.

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