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The attorneys at Schell & Oglesby, LLC take great pride in the achievements and results of our practice.

We dedicate our careers to excellence every step of the way and the Tennessee legal community makes note of it.

The reported cases, below, are an indication of our hard work and solid understanding of how to leverage the laws of Tennessee for our clients.

We welcome the opportunity to explain to current and prospective clients how the details of your case may vary from the cases below and how those differences may affect your possible outcome.

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Reported Cases in Tennessee

P. Edward Schell

Learn more about attorney P. Edward Schell.

  • In Re. C K.G., C.A.G. and C.L.G. 173 S.W.3rd 714 (Tenn. 2005)
  • Button v. Waite 208 S.W. 3rd 366 (Tenn. 2006)
  • Kesterson v. Varner 172 S.W. 3rd 556 (Tenn. Ct. App. 2005)

Law Seminar Presentations By Mr. David Veile:

  • 2015 Legislative Update – Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, June 2015
  • Start Your Solo Gig: How to Step Out on Your Own – Tennessee Lawyers’ Association for Women, Tennessee Bar Association, June 2015
  • Best Practices from a Defense Attorney’s Perspective – Williamson County General Sessions Primer, Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, November 2014
  • When a Domestic Case Turns Criminal – Domestic Law Forum, Tennessee Bar Association, April 2014
  • Solo in a Box Program – 2014 General Practice Summit, Tennessee Bar Association, August 2014
  • Solo in a Box Program Overview – 2014 BPR Ethics Workshop, Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, November 2014
  • DUI Law  –  Tennessee Bar Association General Practice Summit,  August 2013
  • The Law and Summary of Drugs and Schedules  –  Tennessee Bar Association Docket Call: Practicing Criminal Law In Tennessee, April  2013
  • Criminal Law Legislative Update  –  Rutherford and Cannon County Bar Association Continuing Legal Education, September 2012

Learn about Tennessee case law and how we use our experience to help you develop the strongest case possible.

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